Michael's Yarn Event - from Boo! to Yay!

To make a long story short - I won a speed crochet contest at our local Michael's, AND I just got a call that I won a Kniffty Knitter set in a raffle! But short stories aren't as fun because they don't tell the whole story...

This past weekend Michael's had a "5 Hour Yarn Event", supposidly with a speed knitting and crocheting contest and all sorts of other stuff.

After church my husband was taking me out to lunch at a restaurant in the same parking lot as Michael's, so I went to see if I needed to register ahead of time for the 2 pm contest. They said they had cancelled it and were just going to raffle off the prizes! Boo!

I was very disappointed, but planned to come back because I did need some yarn for a project. After lunch, and right at 2 pm, we got back to Michael's. My husband told me to enter both of us in the raffle, and another woman was asking about the contest (also for crochet). We started talking - she had made a special 20-minute trip to Michael's because of it, I had hubby take me to lunch to stay in town after church. Another woman at the table found it interesting, too, and the Michael's staff said, "OK, we'll have a contest." And I won!

It was exciting, but I thought just for fun, since they had already earmarked the prizes for something else. So I bought my yarn and headed out. Iran into another lady from the contest and asked me where my bag was, and Ifound that I had won a large yarn craft tote, filled with yarn (2 RedHeart Super Savers and 2 balls of a novelty yarn), pattern leaflets, wooden knitting needles, and (inexplicably) "Crocheting or Knitting for Dummies" starter kit (said my husband "Why would they put that in a prize pack for someone who won for *fastest* crocheter or knitter? Doesn't that kind of mean they know how to do it?").I ohhed and ahhed over my tote the whole way home, and then, just a few hours later, got a call saying I had won a Knifty Knitter set in the raffle! Hot dog! That was on my Christmas list (but now may be used to make Christmas presents!!).

All in all a wonderful day of crafting!

posted by Unknown on Monday, November 14, 2005 @ 10:25 PM


Blogger Vellumoon said...

YAY congratulations! I won at our Michaels too!! but I didnt get the Nifty bag. I went for crochet but thought that I'd be a ringer so I said sheepishly " I'll Knit"(I just learned how) But I won = ) The Crochet winner had 40 yrs under her hook!
I had 2 of those learn to knit things and I tooo thought Hmmm what are they thinking??? They made nice christmas gifts... 11:04 PM  

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