Thank You, Imma!

My secret pal, "Imma" (as in "Imma Secret"), sent me this wonderful Secret Pal Birthday Package. All I can say is WOW. The pictures do no justice to how gorgeous these doilies are. All three are Patricia Kristofferson doilies. The lavender is size 40 thread, the lilac is 20, and the rose and ecru is size 10. Also included was a wonderful note and two bars of Imma's favorite French soaps. So lovely smelling and wonderful!

I got the package just as we were leaving for White Lake, so I was able to share my present (well, viewing... like I was giving any away!!! I'm far to selfish and in love with these doilies!) with someone who truly appreciates them - my Aunt Whee. We marveled at the details, even stitching, and delicate balance in neatly blocked but still drape-y. We also both wondered where Imma found such lovely colors of smaller threads. I can't find anything but white and ecru in 20 and white only in 10. Perhaps I need to look online; I've heard of several sites with many choices.

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posted by Unknown on Tuesday, September 05, 2006 @ 11:10 PM


Blogger Imma Secret said...

I'm so glad those came before you left for the weekend. I shall have to tell you about where I get my threads! 4:14 PM  

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