This marks my entrance into the world of wire crochet!

After a few disappointing attempts that more resembled chicken wire than anything I would call "jewelry", I got a tip from another fledgling wire crocheter at Crochetville.

Try thinner wire.

Ohhhhhhhhh... what a difference!

That didn't mean that my next attempts were a lot better (notice I don't have any pictures of a blue necklace...). I still was trying to follow a "pattern".

When I gave up on published patterns and just picked up a hook and let the wire talk to me, I fared much better!

The first bracelet was the green bracelet. It has a 28 gauge spine, made with the medium beads and an F hook. Into that with 34 gauge wire and small beads I crocheted the "band" of the bracelet with a 5 steel hook. This is one of my accessories for my swap partner (if you're reading this, Anna, I'm sorry to spoil the surprise!). I wore it to work to make sure all of the edges were in, and that people liked it. Yes, on both counts.

I next made the pink bracelet, using the same technique, but with larger beads. I like it, but the green is prettier... it's just in the beads. The one part I like best about the pink bracelet, though, is that I used a lobster clasp and jump ring instead of a toggle (but my mom liked the toggle better, so to each their own).

In fact, my mom liked the bracelet, and toggle, so much that she went out to Michaels and picked out some beads so I could make one for her very fashionable friend's upcoming birthday. I made it for her that night to her direction. "Like the green one, only with more beads. But not wider. And shorter; she has tiny wrists."

I did manage a picture before she left, though I think they look much better in person (and even better on my computer than on the web as far as the picture goes). I'm sure I will be making more of these in the future!!!


posted by Unknown on Tuesday, June 20, 2006 @ 9:47 PM


Blogger T├ári Nienna said...

Very pretty, they look awesome

Congratulation 4:30 PM  

Blogger Mimi said...

I have yet to attempt crocheting with wire...
Your bracelets are really very pretty! 9:13 PM  

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