Good Grief!

Has it really been nearly 2 months since I have last blogged? Oh, how busy I have been!!!

First off... I took the plunge and I know am bi-fibrous. That is, I now knit, in addition to crocheting. My first project? The recently completed pair of Two-At-Once Toe-Up socks (from the KnitPicks site). I need to get some pictures; I am VERY proud of them! I used some lovely white/light blue/dark blue variegated cotton yarn from Holly Spring Homespun. I have to say, getting started with knitting both on two circulars was a bit challenging, but I was persistent! My sister-in-law has hinted none-to-subtly that she would like a pair just like it, and I think I have enough yarn left over to make a matching baby pair for my 17 month old.

Also, I have started designing a wedding set for my dear friend. I am crocheting a beaded garter, and doing a knit/crochet combo for some truly unique lingerie!

In addition, I am about 30 squares into the 63 Pattern Stitches to make an Heirloom Afghan (that's not the exact name, but most crocheters know which I'm talking about). I am using an I hook and Wool-Ease yarn in grey, burgandy and hunter green. Shh! It's a secret present for my husband!

I've also found some pictures that I hope to get posted soon of some other current projects.

posted by Unknown on Friday, May 12, 2006 @ 11:38 PM


Blogger Carol said...

Hi Kate! Your work is beautiful.
I'm not far from you (Franklin, VA) but I work in Jarratt (about 1 hour south of South of Richmond off 95.
I found your blog on Crochetville. Another cool forum you might be interested in is Crochetmania. It's a little smaller. Keep up the great work! 4:07 PM  

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