Q Hook Madness

Colonial Freedom
I made this afghan for my mom and dad for Christmas last year. It used double strands of Mainstays yarn in a dusty blue, brick red, and cream and a Q hook (plus a sc gold border). There are 13 stars on each side (it just didn't feel right with them only on the "right" side).
For years my parents had a torn and tattered American flag with this arrangement (replica, I'm sure) framed above the mantle. This one is now on their couch (until my husband steals it back... they're lucky they actually got it!).

I think the name of this "pattern" is "Hearthside Stripes" from Afghans for All Seasons, Book 2. But it is really a very simple, very large afghan using the same colors as above, but in different configuration and with fringe.
I made this for my parents-in-law last Christmas, as well as smaller versions for my husband's best friend and wife, my aunt and uncle, and my best friend. I was pregnant at the time, and I was nesting and crocheting.


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Blogger unicornruled2 said...

That is SO VERY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!was that hard to make? I have been looking for a red white a blue afghan to make and I LOVE yours. youcan email me back if you would like at
One question how do you start a blog and post pictures to it? 8:42 AM  

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