Crochetville Ornament Exchange

Do I have great swap partners, or what? Let me tell you what you are looking at in the slideshow above (although I have to say, my pictures aren't the best - it's always tough to capture the true beauty of items, but these are especially subpar pictures; I apologize):
  • My swap package from Jimmie Lu included the beautiful hand-stamped tree card, which accompanied a wonderfully soft and beautiful plush stocking with white eyelash cuff. The stocking ornament was stuffed with a bag of beaded stitch markers!
  • The box from Melissa (tezcatlipoca98) was nicely padded with bubble wrap (which my husband took as a present for himself). The contents were worth protecting! I am in awe of the thread angel with jingle bell - not only are the stitches beautiful, but the stiffening has me baffled and impressed. But the box did not end there... there were three snowflake ornaments, two with beads and all with optional suction cups. As you can see, we chose to put the beaded flakes on the window, but you can't see how great they show up at night when the soft glow (yes, that's sarcasm) from our neighbors menagerie of lit and inflated winter creatures comes through the window. Plus chocolates (not pictured; eaten)
  • Last but certainly not least was the package from beth_eathorne . A friendly stuffed snowman was the first out of the box. It's been hard to keep him on the tree; certain 2-year-olds seem to find him friendly, as well. But wait, there's more: a fan bookmark and two other ornaments that were amazingly beautiful (but I blush to admit my ignorance - I didn't realize they were thimble holders until I read Yelutci's post).
Thank you to my swap partners - the ornaments are so happy on my trees, and I look forward to putting them out for years to come!

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posted by Unknown on Wednesday, December 06, 2006 @ 10:53 PM


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