Sweet Baby Booties

My sister-in-law and I were checking out a second-hand bookstore. Somehow I overlooked the leaflet of baby booties, but Kris brought it to my attention. "You have to get this book," she declared, "or I might have to get it." Seeing as how she's not much of a crocheter, I can't imagine what she would do with it, but she was right - I had to get the book!

The leaflet is called simply "Bootie Collection" and the designs are Kay Meadors (published by Leisure Arts, #3052). There are 10 pairs of the sweetest little baby booties you have ever seen, all in thread. There is a fair mix of dressy booties and casual booties, and a mix between little girl, little boy, and gender neutral booties.

I have already made a pair, to go with the Christening dress I tested for Tracey as a present for our Associate Pastor and his wife, who are having a baby girl in November. I have yet to thread the ribbon through the eyelet row, but they are still so sweet looking!

I used Baroque thread for the body of the shoe, and pale pink Cebilia for the accents.

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posted by Unknown on Wednesday, October 11, 2006 @ 10:33 PM


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