For any crafter, Christmas is a busy busy busy season. (Who am I kidding? Christmas is a busy season for everyone.)

But it's compounded when "husband's birthday season" stretches until the end of October. And then "daughter's birthday season" overlaps (poor kid has a Dec. 1 birthday). And now "very good friend's adoption comes through with one week notice season" is here, too! Yikes!

For my daughter I have almost finished an outerwear and accessories set in pink. I bought a ball of the JoAnn's brand Rainbow Boucle in tonal pink to make her a poncho. I still had yarn left. So I made a cute fringed scarf. I still had yarn left over. So I made a cute "bucket" style hat, with the boucle and a strand of Caron Simply Soft in white, with the brim in 3 strands of the boucle.

That process was something new for me... I wanted to have the thickness of multiple strands, but wanted the color change to stay exactly the same. I pulled of a length of yarn from the ball, and pinched a spot about a yard from the project. I put that loop on the hook with the point where I was working, and inserted into the next stitch. I pulled up a loop of the now three-strand boucle and pulled it through all loops. With the last stitch, I again treated the folded yarn as an extra loop, and there were no problems with unraveling or weaving. It worked great! I really liked the effect a lot!

But I still have yarn left! I am making a belt (just a simple long skinny rectangle, with one end sewn around two small D-rings), and hope to make some mittens, using either a strand of Caron or the 3-ply effect, if I can find a good pattern.

That is on hold while I work on the baby items for my friend and her new baby (being picked up tomorrow!), as the baby shower is on Saturday. With a regular pregnancy, you have a lot more notice!! I am making an afghan from Afghans for All Seasons (shocker, huh?)(but actually it's Book 2, from the library) called Baby's Joyful Arrival. It is a chevron pattern with popcorns and peepholes and is very beautiful, but a bit tricky in the beginning, I thought. My husband has already said we should buy a present and keep the afghan!

If I have time, I hope to make a coordinating hat and edged socks, but Saturday is very close, and work, Thanksgiving, and planning a "Baby's First Birthday Party" are occupying quite a bit of time!

Wish me luck!

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