After looking at the Crochet Stitch Bible for nearly a year now, and having dedicated funds since Christmas, I now own it!

Why did it take so long? The one copy at our local JoAnn has a tear in the spine casing. I didn't want to buy it (even with a coupon) with the tear. My gift card was to JoAnn (or Michaels- I had a few), and I didn't want to spend shipping when I was sure I could just "wait it out" until they got a new copy.

Finally, I asked when that might be. Not until they sold this one. Ahh. I guess I will buy it online after all.

Then the manager said she would sell me that copy for 50% of the price, and I said "I'll take it" (yes, the extra 10% does matter. My husband's cheapness is rubbing off on me, maybe, but I think really it's the principle of the matter).


Only now I'm on a doily streak, so the afghans I will mostly use it for will have to wait.

posted by Unknown on Wednesday, September 06, 2006 @ 4:56 PM


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EXCITING!!! 5:02 PM  

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