Holiday RAOK Elves have been here

The ornament exchange isn't the only thing that's been keeping my postman busy this past week; C'ville Holiday RAoK elves are an active bunch, and some of there work ended up in my possession (lucky me! thankful me!)

What have the elves been putting in my shoes (wait, wrong elves)?

  • The Crochet Dude's pattern Allison: A Purse to Crochet
  • Some animal stickers for my daughter
  • A festive Christmas card and a pack of Santa notecards (oh, that doesn't sound as cute as they are - they're mostly white with holly and scrolling at top and bottom, with Santa standing cheerfully in the middle)(just trust me, they are great!).
  • Lullabies & Lace's pattern Autumn Cables Carpetbag (if you haven't seen this pattern and the previous, check them out - the whole site for each, since they're both great!)
  • A big ball of Christmas colored thread - Red White and Green - plus some hooks for our crochet ministry at church
  • More stickers for my daughter! (she really loves stickers; they will all be used, loved, and restuck more than any glue should really be able to do)
Thank you, Elves, and have yourselves a very Crochet Christmas!!

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posted by Unknown on Wednesday, December 06, 2006 @ 11:13 PM


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