Valentine for My Sweetie

Thread Crochet Valentine

My husband is really ridiculously supportive of my crocheting in general, but he doesn't have too much use for my recent fascination with doilies. I thought of a way to make him a believer, after being inspired by my aunt.

My uncle has a valentine card my aunt made him years ago that featured a lace heart outline threaded with ribbon attached to a red card. I thought this was a perfect idea for Keith!

I had some problems finding a similar pattern, but decided the heart shaped mini-doily from Patricia Kristofferson's 99 Little Doilies would work if done in size 30 thread - beautiful! Then I couldn't find premade red cards at the craft store, but I think my sheet of cardstock and vellum worked well together and looks better than the original notecard idea would have for this doily.

Attaching the doily was another challenge, but I was able to sew it on in a manner that didn't show from the front and the back was covered by the vellum.

I am very pleased by how well the card came out; when I'm making it for someone as special as Keith, it just has to be great. Because he's great. I love you, Keith!

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posted by Kate on Monday, February 19, 2007 @ 6:00 PM


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