LYS Etiquette?

As many of you know, I have a thing for etiquette books - especially vintage etiquette books. I don't just line them up on my shelf - I read them, ingest them, and try to apply them.

But I have something that's not in any of my etiquette books. What is proper etiquette for visiting a LYS?

When I walk into a yarn shop, clearly I want bring home all of the yarn, but do I even need to say that I just can't afford it? As I live in an area where the nearest LYS is at least half an hour away, when I am in the vicinity of one I really want to check it out and pet all of the yarns. I get so many ideas!

But even finances aside, I really want to get away from buying yarn without a project in mind. This goes double for yarns with specific dye lots and low availability when I go back home.

I feel quite guilty going into a shop with no plans to buy, though. I irrationally feel like if I don't talk with the shopkeeper it's not so bad to not buy, or if I don't actually express interest in the yarn. But then I'm just being incredibly rude on another level (and I'm not a good enough actress to pretend the yarn isn't just lovely).

I've gotten to the point where I don't want to go to the stores, because I feel so guilty about buying (or so resentful that I felt I needed to buy something when I end up with $30 of beautiful but ultimately currently useless yarn that I really didn't budget for).

So what is the etiquette?

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posted by Kate on Thursday, January 25, 2007 @ 4:12 PM


Blogger Mandy said...

I don't think it's bad to go look. I'm sure they'd rather have 10 people look and 1 person buy than have nobody come in the store at all!

And it doesn't hurt to talk to them! And you don't have to explain why you're not buying! 3:02 PM  

Anonymous laurah4200 said...

Don't feel guilty! Memorizing every texture and colorway of your LYS. The point isn't to purchase something every time you visit.
As long as you have their yarn stock in your head, the owner is happy. Who know when you might run across a pattern that goes perfectly with the local specialty yarn they carry?
Besides, sometimes most satisfying purchase is something you have eyed and waited to buy. When you finally have it there's little chance you'll have buyer's remorse! 6:04 PM  

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