Crochet Enclosure Cards

I had been looking for something to include with my crocheted gifts, and some way to enclose care instructions, too. I hadn't come up with much.

There was the sew-in tag option. I could buy a pack of customizables, or get custom ones made, or make my own, but none seemed like a great solution to me. I wouldn't want a tag sewed onto an afghan or in a baby set, personally, so why would someone else want it on something I gave? Plus, it wouldn't have the care instructions option.

No, I needed something else.

The solution presented itself when I had to get some items from for a church group. It didn't take much more in shipping to have a box of business cards sent, and they were running a special (aren't they always?) for free premium business cards.

I found a design I thought looked classy, played around with the text and formatting, and ended up with what you (mostly - I blurred some info) see above.

They say "Uniquely hand-crocheted by Katherine E. Dohl", and then some contact info. The backs are totally blank, and I put care instructions unique to the project (if necessary) or other message on the back. I thought a lot about the wording before I finished it up.
  • Uniquely - each of my projects is unique, some to the point of free-form, others unique just because of the nature of hand-crafts
  • Hand-crocheted - all crocheters probably think I'm being redundant, and I guess I am, since there is no way to machine crochet, but many non-crocheters don't realize this and I thought this was a fine way to include it
  • not including "especially for you" - I originally had "especially for you", but I have had a few projects that I have sold, not to mention I have some smaller projects I have made before having a recipient in mind. I don't feel comfortable in those situations claiming they were made "especially for you" (unless it was a commissioned project). There is a good space beneath my name that I have used to personalize a tag by adding "especially for Jane Doe" in the many cases where it is made beginning to end with a particular recipient in mind.
I think they turned out very nice, and I look forward to having 250 projects to attach them to that necessitate another printing!!

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posted by Kate on Thursday, September 27, 2007 @ 12:40 AM


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