Lovely Lavender Baby Set

In the past few months I have been on a layette kick. This is the set that kicked it off for me! I originally was going to make the set in white (you can read below why that one didn't work out), but I love the way it turned out with the lavender!

The set uses about 4 ounces of yarn, plus about 45 yards of size 8 pearl cotton, all done with a D hook. I especially like that the pattern calls for buttons, as opposed to a ribbon tie, on the sacque, and I have modified most of the other sets I have made since to include buttons, also.

The pattern comes from Baby Layettes, Book 2 (Leisure Arts #460). This book has two sets in it, one knit and one crocheted. Each set has a pattern for a dress (or same pattern with mods for a gown), sacque, bonnet, booties, and blanket. The one complaint I have I can alleviate for you right now (and maybe you're smart enough for it to not have been a problem!) - when it calls for "baby yarn" it means "fingering weight".

Yes, I tried making it with sport weight baby yarn, and then started thinking "this is really huge", and then "why am I using such a small hook on such thick yarn?"

You live and you learn, right?

By the way, many thanks to my lovely model, Baby Becky, my daughter's favorite doll!

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posted by Kate on Friday, September 28, 2007 @ 2:40 PM


Anonymous Cocoa said...

That is so pretty, Kate! I have never made any baby garments since I don't have one of my own...and I am never sure people I know would like them as gifts. But I definitely will have to make them when I do have my own little darlings! :o) 9:04 AM  

Blogger Barbara Bradford said...

Very pretty 6:55 AM  

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