A Dilemma

So back in... September? October? ... I entered my first "speedy crochet" contest at the State Fair of Virginia. They call it the Nimble Fingers contest. And I won! It was a very exhilarating time.
That's me in the middle... check out the honkin' ribbon! -->

At this point I do want to put in a plug for Kathy's yarn shop - Holly Spring Homespun. Beautiful, gorgeous yarns from all ranges; natural fiber and supplies for spinning; a must stop for serious fiber artists going through Powhatan, Virginia. And if not, you can still look online, drool, and even order.
(Disclaimer: prior to the contest, I had never even heard of this shop. I get no kickback. Seriously.)

They were the sponsor of the Nimble Fingers Crochet and Knitting contests. As such, my prize as winner was (in addition to the blue ribbon that dwarfs all of my other ribbons) a $25 gift certificate to the store (in the State Fair world of premiums where $4 is a top prize, that's big. Huge.)

Here's my dilemma... what do I buy? My husband suggested a pattern book, which I could write in the cover how I won the contest to buy it, which is a great idea, but... she doesn't really carry my style of crochet pattern books. If you want a knitting pattern, I believe it's there, but crochet, not so much.
One of the delicious yarns I'm eyeing from Holly Spring Homespun -->

That doesn't mean this shop is any less than 100% hospitable to, appreciative to or otherwise amenable to crocheters. Quite frankly, I fully understand why a LYS wouldn't want to carry national books. This is an LYS, not Micheal's.
But what to do with my prize? I'm just starting garment crochet. As in... I started a raglan sweater last night for my daughter. I would love to make a delicious shrug or sumptuous wrap, but I don't have a pattern or the means to buy more than my $25 prize worth of yarn (but hopefully I will before too long... check out Trading Addictions, where crocheters are using crochet as a means and a reward for weight loss (or cessation of smoking)).
<--Another yarn I'm considering.

So what would you do? What should I do? Wait and see if I can win another gift certificate in this year's contest? Or lose 30 lbs. and get another 30 ounces?

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