Go Tar Heels!

This is the afghan I made my dear sister-in-law for Christmas. She is a huge fan of my alma matter, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, so I made her a "Game Day" blanket. I used Mainstays yarn, an I hook, and a basic chevron pattern.

I didn't have a pattern, per se. I merely chained as wide as I wanted (keeping in mind the multiples+ needed for the chevron pattern I wanted), and went to town with double crochets! This afghan really flew, and was great for working on while watching TV (otherwise, I may have gotten bored of the simple stitch).

Pattern Now Available - Click Here!

The blanket is Carolina blue, with four accent bands of navy, white, navy. This afghan could easily be made with any team's colors! If anyone actually wanted a pattern (number for chains, stitches, rows, etc.) I would be more than happy to type it up.

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posted by Unknown on Tuesday, February 21, 2006 @ 7:05 PM


Blogger angelcoolshoes said...

I would like the pattern please.:) 11:39 PM  

Blogger Kate said...

I'm pleased to say the pattern is now available! 11:50 PM  

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