Secret Pal Strikes Again!

Thank you , Imma!!

Look at this amazing package I received today from my Secret Pal, Imma. Included was a card and 4 packages wrapped in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Christmas paper (since I had said that getting such wonderful packages was like Christmas :-) ) My daughter wanted to help me unwrap the presents, but I decided it would be best to curb my curiosity for 15 minutes until she could go down for a nap.

And like Christmas morning it was! First I opened a fabric hook case; just what I needed to go in my "Bunny Bag" (an all-in-one on-the-go bag)! Then a lovely doily, delicately edged handkerchief, and very special addition to my collection (each of which has more details below).

Here is the doily, and a closeup thereof. Imma, you don't give yourself enough credit; it's amazing, and I love it!

A lovely edged hankie, edged in my favorite color - blue! It's really the funniest thing, I was just looking at a pattern for hankies and edgings in a book I have for Anne of Green Gables era things and thinking how wonderful it would be to have a hankie. I don't know why I would need it, practically, but since when am I practical? In all of the etiquette books I have, everyone carries a hankie. Which brings me to...

A wonderful addition to my vintage etiquette book collection! Imma really went out of her way to find this for me, and wow does it show that she is picking out goodies just for me :-) This book is called Book of Etiquette, Volume II by Lillian Eichler, and was published in 1923. Etiquette books like these give such a glimpse of the world of that time. I read through these books and visit places like Biltmore Estate and can just see and hear the people running to and fro, having riding parties and "subscription balls" and dressing to a "T".

Without etiquette books, how would I know that:
"When a bachelor invites several men and women friends to dine on his yacht, or to take a short cruise, it is absolutely bad form to omit the chaperon. She must be a married woman, and she may join the party with or without her husband. Another important point regarding yachting parties; the host must supply a gig or rowboat to carry his guests to and from the shore, and he must stand on the gangway to greet each as he arrives, and assist him to the deck of the yacht."

That's good advice, people.

And on the same day that I got such a lovely gift from my SP, I also received my catalog from Handy Hands Tatting, introduced to me by none other than Imma! Along with the catalog came a preview of their newsletter subscription, and a step-by-step set of illustrated instructions in needle tatting. Now, I have been eyeing tatting books, but have been able to resist, but now that I have the instructions and a few patterns in my very own hands, I don't know how long I will be able to resist trying this new technique!

Hopefully long enough to put finishing touches on the items I must drop off at the fairgrounds this Friday (or Saturday)!

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posted by Unknown on Monday, September 18, 2006 @ 5:15 PM


Blogger Chicksey said...

Oh too funny! I would enjoy hearing a bit of etiquette with every post! 9:20 AM  

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