When you can't show anything...

Well, I feel kind of bad about not posting anything in a while, since I got back in the habit of posting. It is tough when you are making secret things, and people might be "nosing about!"

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingFirst off, people might be nosing about because of the Autumn Secret Pals Swap at Crochetville. You saw below what I got in my wonderful first package from my secret pal, but keep in mind that I am working on projects for my "Known Pal" (the person whose secret pal is me). Once true identities have been revealed, I have some fun pictures to share, as I've made some things I'm very proud of for my very cool Known Pal.

Another reason people are nosing is that Christmas is coming. And a few birthdays. Why, oh why, did I let so many people know about my blog? :-) But, seriously, I am so mysterious recently, with all of my projects!

A few things I CAN share aren't pictures. I got my tags today for the State Fair of VA. I'm entering a few items (but can't disclose, yet, for secrecy reasons... doh!), and entering the Nimble Fingers Speed Crochet contest last year. It was so much fun!

Also, I am designing my own doily! It's nothing fancy, but I am so proud of it. I just wanted to play around while making some orange doilies for my mother-in-law's fall decorating, instead of doing all from patterns. Lots of frogging involved, when you want to change even one little thing, but what a sense of accomplishment already!

As a PS: It is possible for me to end a sentence, and even a paragraph without an exclamation point. But I get so excited about crochet! Anyone who has ever talked to me knows that I actually just get that excited when I talk... period. And I type very much like I talk. Only when I'm talking to someone I generally let them get a few words in edgewise. But that's what comments are for in the world of blogs. I really wanted to end that sentence with an exclamation point, but I refrained.

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