Duct Tape Purse/Wallet

In my college days, I went through a phase where I made things out of duct tape. It started with a wallet, then a purse to hold the wallet in, then a messenger bag that became my regular school bag... until I was actually stopped in the Pit by someone who said "Hey, did you make that? Are you... you're the duct tape girl!" Out of a school of tens of thousands, I was a "Hey! It's that girl!" I'll take pride in that.

Well, the VA State Fair has a few categories for duct tape creations, and I decided to enter (though I had nothing made, and no real time to make it). I made this set yesterday, and am so proud of it that I am including it, though it has no stitches, sewn, knit, crocheted, tatted or otherwise...

There is nothing but duct tape in this. The outside is classic silver duct tape, the inside is white, with purple and white trim, puple handles, and an interior pocket lined with purple. The wallet is purple with white polka dot, white lining, and silver interior fold.

I started with the base, making a sheet of duct tape with a silver and a white side. I trimmed it to a rectangle, and folded it to the purse shape. The pocket was made from the trimmings, with a double-sided purple layer that adhered to the inside, and was reinforced with white stripes that blended into the lining. The exterior stripes were easy, but the straps... I had to think about them. I ended up making two long, narrow strips of purple (a tri-folded strip of tape), and slit the bag, pulled the strips through and knotted, then reinforced the interior with white tape.

I missed playing with duct tape!!


posted by Unknown on Sunday, September 24, 2006 @ 12:20 AM


Blogger Sue said...

Is the inside awful sticky? 3:15 AM  

Blogger Kate said...

No, I made the duct tape double-sided (sticky sides together), with no raw edges. :-) 4:50 PM  

Blogger Kristina said...

OMG I love this. Could you please post step by step directions? I know you sort of did, but could you go into more detail? 7:23 PM  

Blogger you da mom! said...

this is great. i bought my husband a duct tape wallet for xmas, but it would have been way cooler if i had made it myself! 8:15 PM  

Blogger blackpurl said...

very cute...who knew that duct tape came in fashionable colors!!! 1:58 AM  

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