Plastic Bag Bag

While I've done a lot of bag saving, folding, cutting, joining and crocheting, this is my first actually finished plastic bag bag - and it's not technically made of plastic bags. Working on a tip from another poster at Crochetville, I used mainly plastic tablecloths (like you get for parties), and working on ANOTHER tip, I used copious amounts of vaseline on the hook to make it glide a little easier. I cut the plastics into 1-1/2" strips, and used an I hook to make this cute little tote/purse.

For the base I actually used 2" strips (to add bulk and stability). I crocheted a simple rectangle of desired size, then surface crocheted around the edge. I crocheted into the surface crochet, and then just went up from there, adding color bands as I saw fit :-) When I wanted handles I chained 35 (with two strands held together, for strength) and skipped about 15 spaces. I have to say, since this was on the fly I think it ended a tad lopsided, with a couple extra stitches on one side. On the next round I crocheted into each chain, and on the last round I worked a 3sc-tog at each join. Then, I reverse sc-ed around the top for finishing. My only trim was around of surface crochet just under the cording. Weave and trim some ends, flip it inside out and... voila!

I'm sorry the picture didn't turn out better, because now I can't take a picture for about 3 weeks since it's at the State Fair (category - Trash to Treasure (Misc)). The main color is bright purple, with a multi-colored speck (originally white with balloon print) and bright yellow accents.

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posted by Unknown on Saturday, September 23, 2006 @ 11:56 PM


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