WIP Wednesday

What's laying on top of (or in, under, around) my crochet basket?
  1. A Mile-a-Minute afghan I am making for my brother-in-law. It is offwhite and navy blue, with square ended strips. I have 5-1/2 (out of probably 8) strip middles
  2. Autumn Doily Set for my mother-in-law. I have one doily done, but not blocked; one half done, that I am designing; and two more (probably) to go. All in pumpkin orange.
  3. Companion afghan to Hubby's Second Afghan. Exactly the same, but with colors reversed. I'm about, oh, 10% through.
  4. VeggieTales Graphghan. The 'ghan that never ends! Part of what makes this such a huge project (literally and comprehensively) is that I am not using the afghan stitch, I am changing colors and using the star stitch, the same technique I used on Hubby's First Afghan. I'm half-way through the tomato.
I feel like I am missing things! That's really all I'm working on? Maybe it's because of my "nearly abandoned projects" list:

  1. My first "squares" afghan with blue rainbow hexagons.
  2. Knit socks for my daughter (to match mine)

That can't be right! What makes me feel like I have so much going on, crochet-wise? Maybe it's my "pending project" list. These aren't just WIM (works-in-mind), they are projects I've basically committed to, at this point, though I might not have a stitch done or a skein bought:

  1. Scarf for my daughter's Halloween costume. It shouldn't be too hard...
  2. Afghan for my brother (a 20 year old guy... any suggestions?)
  3. Garter for my dear, dear friend's wedding . I've done some designing, but it's come time to decide... beads, or stitch detailing? I don't want to overdo it.
  4. Moravian Star doily. It's extra tough, because none exists. I'm scared to start, but have ideas in my head of how I want it to look. But so far I've only designed 1/2 a doily, so I'm not sure what really to do.
  5. "Dohlchester" name filet for our home.
  6. My husband's Christmas bonus present.
  7. Pattern design: beaded amulet bag - I've made the bag, I just need to do the pattern writing.
You know what? I feel a lot better about my WIPs, UFOs, and WIMs now that I've actually written them out!


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