A Fair to Remember

Today was the day - we went to Richmond for the State Fair.

First up was the Nimble Fingers Crochet Contest. To report just the facts, I won first place. Or, as my husband jokes, I came in third from last. Where were the crocheters? Last year there were about ten crocheters, this year we were down to just three. There were twice as many no-shows as there were crocheters. The three of us, the judge, the sponsor (Kathy Oliver from Holly Spring Homespun) enjoyed talking about crocheting, knitting, spinning, the CGOA conference (that I wish I had gone to!), and matters of the like. How much more fun would it have been with more crocheters there, competition aside?

One really neat note for me: during the contest people were walking through with different groups, some stopping to watch for a while. One older lady stopped her friend right by our area and I heard her say quietly to the other "That girl there was in the contest last year. She's the fastest crocheter I've ever seen!".

The two hung around the area and came up to me just before judging announcements. "I saw you last year!" she exclaimed. "Did you win?"

"I don't know," I replied (although my husbands "recon" during the contest told me I was a few rows ahead).
Just then, they announced I had won first place. The two ladies cheered and clapped like you would for an old friend. It warmed my heart!

I also found out the results on my other entries. I placed on four items: my doily won third place in Home Accessories; my afghan for my husband won third place for Granny Square Afghans; the lion won 2nd for Misc. Crochet; and, most surprisingly to me, the wire and bead bracelet won the blue ribbon for all bead jewelry! I consider that a good showing - there are some amazing works of art on display at the fair right now!

As a closing note, if you live within a 2.5 hour radius (or more and plan to be in the area about this time next year), sign up for the Nimble Finger contest (knit or crochet) (and then actually come!). We'll have a great time, no matter what the outcome, and you might just surprise yourself!


posted by Unknown on Thursday, October 05, 2006 @ 11:58 PM


Blogger Jimmie Lu said...

I wish our fair had a contest for quick crocheters I might have a chance. Or I will have to drive on in to Richmond to give you a work out lol 10:43 AM  

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