Scarves for the African Children's Choir

You know who could use a scarf? The 12 boys and 12 girls (and their leaders!) of the African Children's Choir group that is coming to North Carolina.

The African Children's Choir is made up of children - most who have lost one or both of their parents - from countries around Africa. They are chosen not only as singers for an opportunity to sing, but on potential and for a scholarship opportunity, as the group is trying to better the communities of Africa by training up a new generation.

When each choir is chosen, they train, live and travel as a group, then return to their homelands where they complete their educations and impact society as a member of it. In support of the mission of this organization, King's Park International Church of Durham, North Carolina will be hosting a choir as they train, before they tour and perform. These children will be arriving in the - by comparison to Africa! - quite chilly South in early February of 2007. Crocheters and knitters at the church are making scarves as a practical form of welcome to these children.

I found out about this ministry opportunity through my friend and "crochet mentor" Mandy, who was a member of the church before moving out of the area, but continues to stay active in church projects. This is a simple, practical, and needed way to share love through crochet. Please join me in making a scarf for one of the 9- to 12-year-olds that will make up the new choir.

Email me for more information, or for how to send a scarf or two, by clicking here.

For more information:
African Children's Choir -
African Children's Choir at King's Park International Church -

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posted by Kate on Monday, January 08, 2007 @ 5:36 PM


Blogger Mandy said...

The scarves need to arrive in the Raleigh/Durham area around Feb 1, so email me for an address if you've made some. 10:52 PM  

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