63 Squares Afghan is DONE!

Well, a long time ago (or at least it seems like a long time ago), I posted about the 63 Squares afghan I was making for my dear, dear husband.

I am proud to report that it is done!!

After finishing all of the squares, I crocheted them together in strips, then the strips together, then around the outside. For joining, I placed the squares (and then strips) back-to-back and then (slip stitched in the right-most stitch of front piece, ch1, slip stitch in coordinating stitch on back piece, ch 1), repeat across. When it was all attached, I sc-ed twice around the afghan, then reverse sc-ed an edging.

As far as the squares themselves, I did alter a number of them from the written directions. Mainly the ones that had densely packed puffy stitches in rows. I thought these looked bad, so I "thinned" them, by skipping every other "puff", and staggered the rows of puffs.

The ends may be a little uneven and the edges a touch wavy, but considering there are 63 different squares in this afghan, I choose to overlook the imperfections and just be happy with how well it turned out and how much my husband will love it.

Here comes the really fun part: this was a secret afghan (done while he was at work, off and on over six months), and his birthday is at the end of October. He is a huge cheerleader of my work, and is the encourager for me to enter things in the fair. So I entered this in the state fair, and will wrap the picture of the afghan in birthday paper and carry it with us to the fair, and present him with it that way. I hope he's surprized (he has a tendency to snoop, so he probably already knows, but he feigns ignorance well :-) )!

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posted by Unknown on Saturday, September 23, 2006 @ 10:58 PM


Blogger cupcake said...

Wacky do it is beautiful. I really like your colour choice. Well done on completing this. I am sure your man with treasure this. 3:34 AM  

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