The Blue & White Pink & White Baby Set

Like I said, I'm not the only one having a baby right now. My high-school and college friend and her husband just had their first child, a sweet baby boy, and I made her a baby set (I'm loving them!).

The pattern is Pink & White Baby Set, a free, vintage (1955) pattern from Celtwich's Angelfire site. Clearly, I made the set in blue. I also decided that sacque, mittens and booties are fine, but bonnet makes it a little girly. So I made a little toboggan in the same pattern stitch. The problem is that I was clearly feeling optimistic about childbirth and made a hat that was too small for even Baby Becky's head. So while it's in the picture, it didn't make the present package.

I used about 3.5 ounces (2 balls) of blue and half a ball of white in Bernat Baby with a size E hook. The pattern calls for a ribbon tie around the neck, but I really prefer buttons, so I modified the pattern a touch. I think it turned out nicely!

It was hard to find a pattern that didn't look too "girly", even in blue, but I'm keeping this one on file for later!

Left: Baby Becky modeling the set Right: Closeup of the booties

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Adorable Addie

I'm not the only one having a baby girl! A friend of mine from church is due within a week of me, and is also having a girl. In addition to some (totally non-girly; it's a hazard of paternal profession shared by my daughters) cute cuddly (store bought) clothes, I made her this baby blanket as a baby shower gift. (By the way, in case you can't tell, that's a stuffed kangaroo with joey sitting on it.)

If you know the friend - shh! The shower isn't until the second week of October, but by then I will have forgotten to ever post this!

The pattern is actually called "Shell" (descriptive? yes. original? not so much.), and is from Beary Sweet Baby Afghans (Leisure Arts leaftlet #2774). For people who like having a pattern to work from, it's an inexpensive little leaflet. But while I think the blanket is pretty and I like having the "built in" border, I think that you could probably figure out a similar pattern to fit your needs without the pattern pretty easily if you are comfortable with working "pattern free".

I used just shy of three balls (5 oz each) of Bernat Softee Baby in pink, and a size G hook. The pattern worked up fairly quickly, and was easy to work on without looking at the whole time, so I got to work on it while I took my daughter to the summer movie series. The blanket was a gift to me, as it helped me keep my sanity during Clifford, Sesame Street and multiple viewings of Charlotte's Web! Under other circumstances I might have appreciated the bit of extra warmth in the theater, but I'm a pregnant little oven and was quite warm enough.

Left, pattern and border detail. Right, full blanket.

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