Blast from the Past - Wedding Afghan

Another one from Afghans for All Seasons (seriously, buy it!), this one called Lavender Dream or something like that.

<-- Full view; not quite queen sized ;-)

I liked it better than the afghan officially considered "Bridal", and in white it still has a very delicate lacy look.

<--Edging detail

It's Ã1⁄4ber-soft, too, made with Caron Simply Soft. It worked up a lot quicker than I had projected, taking somewhere around 15 hours (and no more than 20), meaning I finished a good 6 months early.

I liked this afghan so much that I've made it since for another wedding present.

I also modified its size to roughly 2/3 the original size and made it in a soft green for my daughter (I started the day I found out I was pregnant; my husband had long said it would make a beautiful baby blanket!). It was wonderful, because it was easy for her to breathe under when nursing or in a carrier, but warm and cuddly.


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Blast from the Past - Hubby's First Afghan

This is the first afghan I made for my husband (way back in the days when he was my boyfriend :-) ). The colors are for Penn State and use a navy Red Heart and one of the Red Heart Heathers for the white. I used an H-hook and a star stitch. This blanket took roughly forever. The white squares are softer than the blue, due to the yarn series. The color not being used is carried underneath the stitches throughout the blanket, so this is really thick and warm. I got the pattern from Afghans for All Seasons (which I highly recommend).

My husband and I loved this afghan so much that I modified the pattern to make a roughly 1/2 sized scale afghan for our daughter - same colors and the works, just kid sized for Daddy/Daughter football Saturdays! I'll post pictures of those when I can.


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Welcome to My Yarn Stash

This is my first foray into the world of blogging. I thought it would be a great way to post about crocheting - the projects I'm working on, the items I've designed, and pictures!

Right now I'm working on three present afghans, in addition to my regularly scheduled Works In Progress:
  1. A colonial-style American flag (13 stars on the field) in country colors of my own design. It's basically a double stitch with windows. Only 5 bands to go!
  2. A "game day" UNC Tar Heels afghan for my sister in law of my own design. It's a chevron pattern with Carolina Blue as the main color, with "Charlie Brown" accents in navy blue and white. I'm also freeforming a Tar Heels footprint to "applique" to the corner.
  3. A "game day" Penn State fleece blanket edging for my husband. I've sewn a freehand white felt applique of the Nittany Lion on the navy blue blanket, and am using a white yarn for edging.
Guess this means I can't give the blog address to Keith or Kris!

More WIPs and pictures to come...

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